• Question: In school at the moment I like Geography ,PE and all of the sciences what job in STEM includes all of these?

    Asked by race360ham to Valerio, Sreejita, Sam, Kate, Anastasia, Adam on 15 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Sreejita Ghosh

      Sreejita Ghosh answered on 15 Nov 2019: last edited 18 Nov 2019 10:53 am

      That would open a lot of options for you if you continue your hard work enthusiastically. You can become a medical doctor, or an engineer for the first step and then decide whether you want to continue to research. You can also study Geology (Geology, rocks, geddit? :P) and travel far and wide for your work (since you also like Geography). As an engineer /scientist who especially likes Biology, Physics, Maths, combines with PE, you can design a kickass exoskeleton or robotic limbs and artificial organs for those who have lost their limbs in accident or have a failing organ. Sure there are already cool things such as coffee cup size kidneys ( https://surgicalinnovations.ucsf.edu/spotlight/highlighted-projects/bioartificial-kidney.aspx ) but you can create a different type of kidney maybe, or maybe work on developing a different artificial organ.
      What about automated cars? Do you like them? Some of my scientist friends in Computer Science are working on making cars smarter (so we can be lazier). Another friend of mine is working on the right age of the pigs for being made into bacons and hams (which reminds me of this dad joke) .
      Or you could be an astronaut, or a forensic scientist, or a pharmacologist. There’s endless possibilities wrt careers in STEM. Also, you don’t need to have all the subjects you like in a career. Some of them you can keep as your passion. 🙂 I wish you the very best.. Let me know if you have any other career related question. 🙂

    • Photo: Anastasia Aliferi

      Anastasia Aliferi answered on 18 Nov 2019:

      I think your limit is the sky! First thing that comes to my mind is being a super cool zoologist/environmentalist, travelling to the edges of the earth to observe animals in their natural habitat. You’ll definitely need a good physical condition and good knowledge of geography on top of tons of science 🙂