• Question: do you like being a scientist?

    Asked by view360ear to Valerio, Sreejita, Sam, Kate, Anastasia, Adam on 8 Nov 2019. This question was also asked by item360ear, xray360ear.
    • Photo: Sreejita Ghosh

      Sreejita Ghosh answered on 8 Nov 2019:

      I like being a scientist. There are always new challenges to overcome and in such a way that I can set a path which others can follow to handle the same issue. And once I have tackled a challenge in this way it results in me learning something new, and this gives me the feeling of having “levelled up” in life. A scientist is a curious person. The most rewarding thing for a scientist are the new things learned at the end of a day, no matter if the day ended in a so called success or a failure. And I love this feeling of having learned something new almost everyday 🙂

    • Photo: Kate Winfield

      Kate Winfield answered on 11 Nov 2019:

      Yes I really like my job, I am always learning new things from new research, new techniques and new skills. It means the job is always interesting and exciting. Plus everyday is different with new data coming in all the time and new opportunities!

      I especially like all the challenges that we have to overcome, with systems breaking, dealing with large volumes of data and running out of space!

    • Photo: Anastasia Aliferi

      Anastasia Aliferi answered on 11 Nov 2019:

      I really really like it! Of course there are days that I feel too stressed and worried, but the good days are so much more. I also like the person I’m becoming by being a scientist, I learn how to work out problems, how to organize my time, how to believe in myself and how to accept that sometimes things just don’t work out!

    • Photo: Adam Wootton

      Adam Wootton answered on 11 Nov 2019:

      Very much so. I get exciting new problems every day and always have lots of different things to work on. There can be lots of variety – sometimes I’m teaching in a classroom, sometimes I might be programming a computer, and sometimes I can be working on a bridge at 3 am!