• Question: Do you know everyone in this category of scientists, in person? Have you ever met?

    Asked by JCAT to Valerio, Sreejita, Sam, Kate, Anastasia, Adam on 20 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Sreejita Ghosh

      Sreejita Ghosh answered on 20 Nov 2019:

      Unfortunately I don’t know any one of them in person. However I think I would have loved to meet Anastasia and discuss Harry Potter with her, and meet Adam and discuss Doctor Who with him. Maybe one day we might run into each other at some conference… let’s see 🙂

    • Photo: Adam Wootton

      Adam Wootton answered on 20 Nov 2019:

      I don’t know about everybody else, but I’ve not met the other people here before. It’s fun seeing other people’s experiences and perspectives, though!

    • Photo: Anastasia Aliferi

      Anastasia Aliferi answered on 21 Nov 2019:

      We all met for the first time in these chats! It’s been a lot of fun 🙂